Vedx Token

To bring Humanity To Nature by using Digital Currency.


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Token Address0xd64904232b4674c24fa59170d12fc7df20f5880e
Total Supply100, 000, 000 Token ( ERC20 smart contract) 



To bring Humanity To Nature by using Digital Currency!


Our mission is to support Digitals Entrepreneur E-Commerce online business globally, by using VEDX digital currency with fast, low fees, and a secured payment system. We will soon integrate automated trading system to carry over the trade autonomously. Visit to know about one such trending automated Bitcoin trading app which design we will adopt for VEDX digital currency.


VED means wood in Swedish word and X is from exchange word, that´s why we called our tokens VEDX tokens inspired by Swedish nature-

The VEDX concept is an exchange between humans carbon dioxide to nature or trees, and the oxygen from the tree to human, since the human being is dependent on oxygen, we need to save the trees by saving papers to print Fiat Currency and more other currencies.


We will have our own e-commerce platform soon:, we will market our Swedish brand VEDESSENCE organic skincare for wellness and beauty, and more products to come.
We will build apps for our customers convenient to shop


-Nature Calamities
-Cancer Patient
-Women’s abuse
-Disabled  People

How it works?

The vitality of the coins in the market can also Help the Traders to earn more Tokens, while those who are only holders can benefit for the price increase of the Tokens.

Holders have the opportunity to Stake their token for staking Programs, and even for payment in our E-Commerce Platform, also other online Merchants that Accept Vedx Token, as a mode of payment for Fast, Low Fee, and Secured Transaction.

1. Quick Sign-up

2. Secure Deposit

3. Private Key

4. Integration

5. Launch

Help people to Achieve their Dreams

To bring Humanity To Nature by using Digital Currency, We save papers to print Fiat Currency and more other currencies.

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The Experts

Affiliate System

Affiliation Program

Anyone can bring or refer a friend to purchase VEDX tokens and get benefits of our affiliation program

  • 10% Direct Referral Bonus
  • 5% Indirect Referral Bonus until 2nd Level

As a Referrer You need to Fill Up the Form with the address of your Referred Friend.
*Note this is only Temporary until we will Launch our Referral Platform


How to Avail Staking Program :

  • You can Buy the token to any Trading Platform and Hold there VEDX Token and Deposit it in Bitkeep Wallet and Fill up the form for Staking Program Form.
  • You Can buy also VEDX Token Directly to the Website and after Fill up the Form for Staking Program..
  • Minimum of 500 VEDX Token to Join the Staking Program..
  • No Maximum Amount of VEDX Token.
  • Maximum of 30 Days that the VEDX Token will be in the Address where you designate in the form.
  • The reward VEDX Token will be deposited in separated address were you can spend and trade your income or you can add on the existing Amount that you stake.
  • Any amount withdraw and deducted before the end of staking period the staking reward will be forfeited.

12% PA Staking Program

Staking Rewards

Staking Reward members receive a reward according to the rules below based on the amount of VEDX token that they stake for the full month-long staking period or 30 Days. All VEDX rewards will be distributed at the end of the staking period as mentioned in the rules of staking. As of this moment all members/Investor can deposit and Hold there Token at Our Wallet Partners until VEDX PAY Wallet will release and Launch our own wallet.

  • Minimum staking amount is 500 VEDX TOKEN
  • No maximum staking amount
  • 1% staking reward for staking amount not Less than 500 VEDX
  • 1% staking reward per month for staking amount from tokens (reward applies to entire amount of stake)
If Members remove any or all of their staked token from there wallet at any time,they forfeit all staking rewards.

A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

Newbie traders can use automated trading platforms to trade VEDX digital currency safely.
It enables individuals to trade with little or no prior experience, knowledge, or effort and achieve large profits.
Bitcoin Evolution is causing a stir among the various trading platforms available.
Its readily available for download from Google Play. After watching the guide and video training, you can begin live trading. With this trustworthy Bitcoin Evolution app, you may enjoy safe crypto trading.

How it works

Take control of your crypto wealth

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Team Members

Lani Tranberg


Beauty & Wellness Entrepneur

International Business Woman with 25 years’ Experienced in beauty & wellness Industry,

Graduate in Computer Science And International Business Management

Owner of A Botanik by Lani Company and Founder Creator of Beauty and Wellness Product of VEDESSENCE Swedish brand

Crypto Trader for how many Years.

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Melanie Holmberg

Chief Admin Officer, Online Marketer

Vincent Enriquez

Web Developer